Hopetown House



Subtitled ‘Songs of Coincidence and Fate’, Hopetown House is full of delightful subtleties. The songs spring from a real moment in time and have many and varied themes – Forgiveness for an absent father (Good Ship Father) – Paranoia (Not a man of many words) – Contagious Laughter on another aeroplane journey (Nadie Se Salva) – all these things observed with the eye of an outsider but the spirit of a local. There are two folk-like songs “The Good Ship Father” and “First Goodbye”, the latter sung as a duet with Luke Concannon, lead singer of chart-topping band Nizlopi. Sanabras sings mainly in English including two songs in Spanish and one written in her native Catalan, her influences are diverse – taking various styles Tango, Blues, a ramshackle kind of Swing, making them distinctively her own.  Read the reviews for Hopetown House here.

Track Listing

  1. Hopetown House
  2. Not a man of many words
  3. Snowman & I
  4. The Good Ship Father
  5. Luggage
  6. First Goodbye
  7. El nen dels cent anys
  8. Perilous Divide
  9. Nadie se salva
  10. Parable of the White Willow
  11. Barcelona Blues
  12. La Llorona