The Emblem



The Emblem sums up Clara’s chief preoccupations as an artist: the juxtaposition of ideas and influences in life, pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that fit together perfectly, assembled to produce a complete picture, an emblem. The result is an eloquent, diverse and unquestionable musical tableau, consisting of ten original songs and a folksong, intended for the modern listener. On this album Sanabras plays charango, baroque guitar, telecaster and Indian harmonium, the latter central to the meditative duet The Owls (Les Hiboux), based on a Baudelaire poem and featuring Rosemary Standley, lead singer of internationally-acclaimed French band Moriarty. Dovetailing Love, explores the idea of “The Craft of Love” in a dramatic Ennio Morricone style while the South American rhythms in Tokyo Cherry Blossom, urge us to make the most of life and takes the listener in yet another direction.

Track Listing

  1. The Emblem
  2. Ode to Jimmy Jo
  3. The Owls
  4. Truth be Told
  5. Melancholy Spins
  6. Dovetailing love
  7. Tokyo Cherry Blossom
  8. Woman, Girl, Juxtaposed
  9. Trace of an Accent
  10. My Dress
  11. The Flower of Magherally