“The Emblem” 4-star review in 17seconds

Clara Sanabras is one of those artists who is quite an interesting proposition when encountered on paper, before even a note has been heard of her music. She has Sioux and Gypsy blood, was born in France, raised in Spain and now calls herself a Londoner. Amongst the instruments she plays on this album are baroque guitar, telecaster and Indian harmonium.

To describe her as folk or world (shudder) music would be a case of very lazy categorisation, because there’s a whole heap of influences from across Europe and indeed further afield that come into play on this album. Perhaps close comparisons would be Maddy Prior and Joanna Newsom; she has the respect of folk traditions and purity of voice of the former, whilst the visionary approach of the latter. There’s a number of great tracks on this labum that can’t but help win you around ‘Dovetailing Love’ ‘Ode To Jimmy Jo and the title track, to name but three.

There’s a number of artists who get lumped in with the ‘world’ music lot who seem to produce music that’s very worthy and utterly dull, and usually leaves people rather afraid to admit that they don’t like, or don’t get it. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that Ms. Sanabras is of that ilk. This is something different, something special -and unlikely to soundtrack a dinner party near you any time soon.


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