A concert for Jimmy Jo @ Wiltons Music Hall: May 2nd

International musician Clara Sanabras launches of her latest album, Fugue to the Floating World, at Wilton’s Music Hall, East London on 2 May.  The launch will be a very special event to raise funds to enable her nine-year-old son Jimmy Jo to travel to Toronto, Canada for a summer intensive cognitive-training course at the Arrowsmith School. 

She describes why the fundraiser at Wiltons is so important to her: “At the age of six months Jimmy Jo was diagnosed with West Syndrome, the most severe form of childhood epilepsy. The initial prognosis was that he would not walk or talk. He now walks and talks, runs, cycles, goes to a mainstream school and is making miraculous progress and gradually catching up with his peers. 

“What has helped us most throughout the last nine years, is focusing his education on the principle of Neuroplasticity of the brain, which supports the idea that the brain’s faulty connections can find a new route through cognitive training. This training is being pioneered at the Arrowsmith School in Toronto.  We have enrolled Jimmy Jo at the school for a six-week intensive cognitive course this summer. We have no doubt this is the next step in helping him towards becoming more independent and able to interact with the world.”

The concert is being sponsored by Ruth Whitehead Associates.  Tickets are available from Wiltons:  0207702 2789.  For further information please contact:;

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